Plywoods for Constructions

Plywoods for Constructions

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Plywood remains one of the most versatile construction materials available.

This cheap and durable construction material is created by glueing together wood veneers.

There are many uses of plywood, just take a good look around from where you are sitting and chances are there will be a whole lot of plywood around you.

Walk around every part of your house and there is bound to be more plywood. From floorings, walls, kitchen cabinets, to furniture; the world of construction is dominated by this wonderful material.

Plywood has varying degrees of strength and properties depending on what the user intends it to.  Truly, this remarkable material is the Swiss knife of construction projects.

Structural Plywood

There are a total of four plywood groupings. The first is structural plywood which is used for permanent structural applications.

Structural plywood is a material that should be able to withstand full weather exposure and a lot of stress.


Exterior Plywood

The next one is exterior plywood. This type of plywood is bound together by a water-resistant glue and is typically for outdoor use.

While exterior plywood is water-resistant, it is still recommended to finish the surface of with paint to help it be more durable against elements like the sun.


Marine Plywood

The last type in our list is marine plywood and it is used for a very specific purpose – areas needing some major waterproofing.

Marine plywood has a high-stress grade and is resistant to rot in high moisture places.


MDF Shutterboards and Film-Faced/Coated plywoods are fast moving in current construction market due to the number of times it can be used. 

Since plywoods are cost-effective, Construction companies purchase high standard plywoods sheets from us to use the materials as many as times until the board cracks. 

We import 3 different types of Film-Face Plywoods for consumers. All 3 film-faced plywoods have different durability, strength and pricing. 


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