About us

Sri Lanka’s Leading Plywood Distributors Manufacturers and Importers


One of the leading names in the construction industry of Sri Lanka, Sri Mahajana Metals has been in the business for 32 years and our experience coupled together with our passion and expertise has paved the way for us to deliver value, quality and affordable products. True to our namesake Mahajana, which is derived from the Sinhala word translated to mean ‘Public’, our primary focus is to deliver outstanding products and services that can contribute to our country’s development and growth in the construction industry.

Delivering top quality products lies at the cornerstone of our growing success and our entire team – right from our staff and merchandise to our customers who trust us – has allowed and inspired us to offer the very best in terms of products, pricing and service.

Based in Sri Lanka following our initiation 32 years ago, Sri Mahajana Metals is proud to be recognized as Sri Lanka’s leading Plywood distributor that has also established itself as a pioneer in the hardware business. Throughout our three decades of experience, we have built a reputation for providing outstanding service combined with quality products. We source the highest quality products available in the market and also import several certified top quality products from Indonesia, China and Egypt.
While Sri Mahajana Metals have been distributing plywood for 32 years, we started importing plywood sheets and raw materials since the past 15 years to strengthen our product portfolio and contribute to a better construction industry in our country. Furthermore, SMM plywoods have joined hands together with Government project sectors, locals construction companies and even supported China construction companies with our wide array of hardware products. 
Our dedicated team of professionals is the backbone behind our success. We have well experienced staffs highly qualified in the hardware business managed by two managing partners who have made a name for themselves in the hardware market of Sri Lanka and their experience and expertise has shaped our company to what we are today. Built on values of reliability, affordability and quality, we also take a great deal of care in delivering materials to our suppliers in perfect shape and on time. Our rapid growth over the years stands as a sufficient testimony to our success. 

Plywoods produced from the finest timber in the world