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Sri Mahajana Metals offers a wide collections of PVC Edge bands for furnitures made of Melamine & chip boards. PVC edge bands comes in different colors matching melamine species. Available colors are cherry, universal beech, jungle teak etc. Thickness – 0.5mm / 1.5mm Width – 22mm Length – 95 Feet Mahajana Plywoods

Wood Polymer Composite (EcoBoard) – Sri Mahajana Metals Plywood Products

Mahajana PlywoodsSizes & Thicknesses8 * 4 * 9mm 8 * 4 * 12mm 8 * 4 * 15mm8 * 4 * 18mm Features & Benefits 100% Water Resistant Does not absorb Moisture Fire Retardant Splinter free Corrosion Resistant Formaldehyde Free 100% Termite & Pest Proof Mahajana Plywoods

MDF Melamine Boards – Sri Mahajana Metals Plywood Products

MDF Melamine boards available Preferred Designer Colors Uni Beech Pearl Cherry D/SJungle TeakMahogany Rich Cherry Royal OakWashed Oak Pearl Rare Colors Atlantic Grey Blue GreenRedYellowZebrano Zulu Morioka PearlArtisan Walnut PearlFudge Wood PearlAlponso Mango PearlAmerican White Ash Pearl Black PearlFudge Wood PearlRustic Pear PearlFlame BeechForest Mix PearlGolden Aloe Pearl Japanese Jacaranda PearlRock Maple PearlSamon Green PearlSunflower Yellow PearlWalnut PearlBrush Aluminium PearlJindarbine Maple Pearl Midnight PearlRed […]


Sri Mahajana Metals imports best quality WPC Foam Boards from China and India Mahajana Plywoods

Mahajana MDF Shutterboards & MDF Boards

MDF Shutterboards & MDF Boards are manufactured in Sri Lanka. Sri Mahajana Metals distributes large quantities of Merbok products to customers in Colombo and outskirts. MDF Shutterboards are popularly used for concrete shuttering and formwork applications. The panel is finished with a phenolic overlay and edge sealed. Mahajana Shutterboards helps contractors complete improved quality work […]

Commercial Plywoods

Sri Mahajana is one of the largest distributors of commercial Plywoods supplying to major construction companies, contractors, furniture manufacturers and individual customers. Commercial plywoods are very fast moving in plywood industry. Sri Mahajana Metals offers sizes 8′ x 4′ and all thicknesses 8′ x 4′ x 3mm 8′ x 4′ x 5mm 8′ x 4′ […]

Double coated Film-Faced Plywood

Sri Mahajana Metals imports Brown/Red/Black coated Film-Faced plywoods from China & India. Largest imports in Sri Lanka with the highest number of sales in plywood trading. Film coated plywoods are graded by quality and ranks by the number of times per sheet can be used. 8′ x 4′ x 12mm 8′ x 4′ x 15mm […]

Weather and Boil Proof (WBP) Plywoods

Sri Mahajana Metals SMM WBP Plywoods  are bonded with this glue will not delaminate, even after 72 hours in boiling water. The BS1088 standard comes from the types of timbers used in the make up of the plywood and the quality of the timbers used. To find out more information on WBP Plywoods and test certificate, […]

Sri Lankan Standard Institute (SLSI) Certificate

Sri Mahajana Metals (SMM) supplies high-quality plywood sheets tested and proven by the SLSI. Sri Lankan manufactured Commercial & Marine plywoods are tested by the Sri Lankan Standard Institute and graded to British Standard. Mahajana Plywoods

Aluminium Extrusion

Sri Mahajana Metals 297-A, Old Moor Street, Colombo 12 General: +94115923162,+94 11 2449669, +94 11 2432516, +94 11 5232640/3 Fax: +94 11 2458754 Mahajana Plywoods